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News and Response

High School Beauty Makeover Contest

August 21, 2014

We are proud to announce our latest contest geared to make high school students look and feel beautiful. The Contest is simple. To enter this contest, all you need to do is write an essay as to why you or some other High School Student needs or deserves a makeover. Tell us your story!! When you write the essay and send it to us, you must include a picture. it will then be judged by our staff to decide who deserves this makeover the most. The Prize for this contest is a complete makeover which includes getting your hair colored, cut and styled. You will also receive a Facial, our Signature Custom Organic Airbrush Spray Tan as we as Makeup application and makeup lesson. This Contest is open to all High School Students in Delaware County and we will only be giving away one (1) Makeover per contest, so make your essay clear and concise and as detailed as possible to give you the best chance of winning. This is over a $300 value that we are going to give to one lucky student. 

Please send all essays w/picture to either our email at or mail to: The Body Airbrush Co. & Spa
      412 B MacDade Blvd
      Milmont Park, Pa. 19033

Please put in subject line of email "Student Beauty Makeover Contest" and also write this on envelope somewhere if mailing entry in. All entries MUST be to us no later the close of business on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014. Our staff will be judging this contest and we will be announcing the winner on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. Please dont forget to include contact info so we can get in touch with the winner.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to call us so we can answer your questions. 

Thanks you to everyone and Good Luck!!!

The Staff at The Body Airbrush Co. Salon & Spa

Tanning Law Changes

August 21, 2014

Just wanted to update everyone on some recent changes in tanning bed laws and we are very happy about this. For years many organizations have been lobbying for changes in tanning laws for minors due to the dangers of the beds. Well the laws have changed. Now, anyone under the age of 18 are banned from going into tanning beds. There is one exception, 17 year olds can go into beds with parental permission. We wish it was all minors due to the dangerous nature of Tanning Beds, but at least this help protect teens and all children in Pa. We have been preaching Safe tanning for years and we believe the safest, healthiest way to induce a REAL Tan is to get a Custom Organic Airbrush Spray Tan. Everything about the product we use is safe and healthy. This tan is as real as going into a tanning bed or the sun, only difference is, we induce the tan in a "Healthy way". We hope everyone practices safe tanning methods, and when you are in the sun, dont forget the sunblock. You will be glad you did. Fod further info on Tanning law changes we are including news clip for you to check out. Happy and Healthy Tanning everyone.

copy and paste above link to read up more on the new laws

The Body Airbrush Co. & Spas' Resoponse
To ABC's Good Morning America news story that aired June 12, 2012


This morning (June 12, 2012) ABC’s Good Morning America ran a piece about the possible health risks associated with spray tanning. Specifically, the piece pointed out that six medical experts have “concerns” over the potential health risks of ingesting or inhaling DHA, a coloring agent used in all spray tan solutions. GMA followed up with the FDA who said that while it approved the use of DHA over 30 years ago for direct application to the skin in tanning lotions, it’s never addressed potential health effects of ingesting or inhaling DHA and recommends that consumers take steps to avoid inhaling or ingesting DHA when being spray tanned.

If you haven’t seen the piece, please go on-line and view it yourself or read the companion article. We did; and we think it’s important that you are as informed as you can be.

As you know, I open The Body Airbrush Co. & Spa to offer a " Healthy Way to Tan", as I know many people that have or have survived skin cancer. Airbrush (Spray) Tanning is still the healthy alternative to sun tanning or tanning booths, where the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight or UV radiation are well known and well documented.

While it seems that the U.S. FDA is just beginning to study the effects of DHA in spray tanning, there have been many studies done in Europe. We here at Healthy Tans have kept up with the research that is out there. In a December 2010 report on DHA, the Scientific Community on Consumer Safety of the European Commission concluded that spray tanning did not pose a risk to the health of a consumer.

Remember, the GMA piece did not imply any danger from using DHA on the skin but only voiced some concern over the possibility of side effects from inhaling or ingesting the mist. Even though there are no known health effects from the use of DHA in spray tanning, The Body Airbrush Co. & Spa has always taken a common sense approach to spray tanning safety. We tan ourselves in our booths and, like you, want to tan safely. We have always been diligent in reducing exposure of inhaling or ingesting the spray tan mist in the air even though no studies had been done. Although this may all be new to you, we at The Body Airbrush Co. & Spa have always kept on top of developments and been diligent in protecting your health from any unknown spray tan factors.

The Body Airbrush Co. & Spa uses hand-held spraying devices, not a spray booth where the spray is indiscriminately directed at the customer. With this targeted spraying, the mist has always been minimized.

All Body Airbrush Co. & Spa spray tanning booths are individually ventilated. The mist is drawn down at the bottom, being pulled away from the customer’s face. We care about our clients and will constantly practice safe tanning methods.

The Body Airbrush Co. & Spa has always taken steps to cover and protect all mucus membranes. We provide caps and make now recommend all of our clients wear them and cover their ears. We have always offered vaseline for our clients to use on open cuts, but now recommend coating lips with vaseline as well.

In order to further reduce any possible risks, effective immediately, we will make available make-up remover and cotton applicators available so you can wash the tanning solution off of your eye lashes when you are done. We will also have cotton balls available to put in your nose for further protection.

In conclusion, we have always been on the right path. We will continue on that path, providing you with the safest, healthiest alternative to sun and UV tanning. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the staff members at The Body Airbrush Co. & Spa. We are here to help and we look forward to seeing you soon.





The Body Airbrush Co. & Spa



Pricing for Airbrush (Spray) Tanning

New Customer (full body) $35
Full Body Touch up $30
Seniors, Student & Military Full Body (after 1st tan and must show ID) $28
Children (10 & under) $20
Winter Tan (from the waist up) $22
Wrap Tan (from above the breast and up) $17
Face $5
Legs $15
Tan Touch-up Package (4 visits, good for 60 days) $90
*Wedding Party (4 tans, discounted price & the bride is FREE!) $100
*Friends Tanning Party (4 tans, discounted price) $100
* Entire party must be tanned at the same appointment.
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