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About Us


The idea of this salon/spa stated first came to me in 2009 when I began to notice some disturbing changes in my skin...

You see, despite having a fair complexion, I am an unabashed  "sun worshiper” -  Never before had I ever put any thought into going to the beach and pouring on the oil for that deeper darker tan, even though I would usually burn first and it would take a lot of exposure  to get that perfect bronze stage. I always thought I would be OK… Then, despite my (relatively) young age, I found I had started to develop a lot of freckling on my skin and wrinkles on my face! I started noticing the same – and worse – with friends who share the same affinity for the sun. Some had even developed melanoma – skin cancer. The advice of our doctors has all been the same: those developments are the products to prolonged and/or excessive exposure to the sun and the use of tanning beds.

I began to wonder if there was any good way to get the realistic tanned look I craved without subjecting myself to the sun and harmful ultraviolet rays that were rapidly aging me – and posing a health risk.

Then, I ran into a friend of mine sporting an incredible tan. Not having seen him in a while, I asked if he had been away somewhere to catch a lot of sun. No, he responded… naturally fair- skinned and tired of getting burned he was now getting “spray tanned” - quickly and safely getting the look he desired. My interest peaked; I researched the concept, the process, and the industry and ultimately made contact with the owner of the company doing the tans for my friend. An industry leader, she walked me through everything on a personal level and encouraged me to invest my enthusiasm into a business venture of my own.

So… a revolution in tanning is underway, and I have made it my mission to lead the charge way from the unhealthy - ever dangerous -  old fashioned way of tanning beds and overlong sun  exposure and into a safe and instantly gratifying spray tan booths.

The process is quick and safe, and the look is realistic. I am hooked - and you will be, too. Our Custom Organic Spray Tans have quickly become a huge success and our clients are raving over the results. No Orange or Streaky Tans here, Guaranteed!!! Just a great, REAL Tan induced in a Healthy Way.

This is great for pre-tanning your vacation, special events - like proms and weddings, or just to give yourself that health glow that is really healthy! If you like the look and want to keep your skin healthy, vital and looking young, this is the process for you!

All tans are performed by Trained Airbrush/Spray Techs and we will customize your spray for your skin to give you the Best Spray Tan Around. Dont trust the places that just do Spray tanning as an added service, come to us, WE SPECIALIZE in Spray Tans / Airbrush Tans and we stand behind every Spray Tan we give. We have Sprayed 1000's of people since we opened in January of 2010 and we have the expertise to Spray you. Come see why we stand out form the rest and we are The Best.

To compliment the your tanned look, we at The Body Airbrush Co. and Spa offer a full range of services including a unisex hair salon, Massage Service, Facials, Herbal Body Wraps (Slimming and Detoxifying), Waxing (yes we do bikini and Brazilian waxing as well as facial waxing, legs, arms, etc.), and we also have Permanent Makeup done by Tracie of Permanently Yours By Tracie, as well as fun and frivolity in a relaxed environment.  To complete the experience: televisions, music, and a lively staff and atmosphere.

We look forward to introducing you to "The Healthy Way to Tan!" (Spray Tanning/ Airbrush Tanning/ Sunless Tanning)

See you Soon!
-    Dave

Pricing for Airbrush (Spray) Tanning

New Customer (full body) $35
Full Body Touch up $30
Seniors, Student & Military Full Body (after 1st tan and must show ID) $28
Children (10 & under) $20
Winter Tan (from the waist up) $22
Wrap Tan (from above the breast and up) $17
Face $5
Legs $15
Tan Touch-up Package (4 visits, good for 60 days) $90
*Wedding Party (4 tans, discounted price & the bride is FREE!) $100
*Friends Tanning Party (4 tans, discounted price) $100
* Entire party must be tanned at the same appointment.
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